Eyes and warning signs cause blindness

As you age, your eyes will naturally become blurred, your eyes will get tired quickly, your eyes will be sore easily, your eyes will be sore, your eyes will be watery, or your eyes will be dry, which are common signs. Many cases also have severe eye pain, see a blurred central point, or see color rings then fade away… Currently, the rate of blindness is increasing rapidly, including early age.

These are early signs that your eyes have deteriorated. The following are diseases that lead to rapid blindness


Due to cataracts, in our country, we see about 50% of elderly people due to poor energy metabolism in old age, due to nutrition or circulatory disorders.

Early signs: When the patient sees far away, the vision is blurred, but the near vision is still visible.

Clear signs: When the bead is ripe, the near vision is also blurred, only the shadow of the hand is seen in front of the eyes. The disease is painless, especially sensitive to light, which means that knowing where there is more light, less light or when in the sun, your eyes will be blind, but you can still see it at home or at night.

This is the most common cause of blindness.


In old age, the cells in the eye (in the trabecular region) are aging, lose their elasticity, do not contract or are blocked, so the aqueous humor in the eye is stagnant, unable to drain out of the eye, increasing the pressure in the eye. eyes and damage the optic nerve, causing blindness.

When the acute form,the eyes are severe pain, red, blurred vision, see colored rings, sometimes headache, vomiting. Unlike the chronic form, the eyes do not have severe pain but only gradually fade, the front vision is narrowed, going to a specialist doctor will see that the pressure in the eye is increased.

It is the second leading cause of blindness after cataracts. This disease needs to be treated early because when the eyes are blurred, they can't be treated to brighten up, but only maintain the current eye condition.


It is because the cells in the center of the retina are degraded due to aging, becoming weaker and gradually destroyed.


When looking closely at something, it is not clear, the image is distorted while the surrounding area is still visible, or when looking at a board with squares, the squares will be distorted. The disease is also painless, progresses gradually, becoming more and more blurred.


Due to the degeneration of cells in the retina, mainly cells cause pigment to disperse throughout the retina, causing blockage and hardening of blood vessels in the retina, atrophy of the optic nerve.

Signs: Blurred vision at dusk or night (night blindness), inability to distinguish colors, narrowing of the frontal field of vision like when looking through a circular tube, when severe disease the eye nerve is atrophied causing permanent blindness .

According to ophthalmologists, when the eyes have deteriorated, it is difficult to regain their original vision, but should be avoided by taking care of and nurturing the eyes from deep inside, so that the eyes are always bright.

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